Category: Spice mixes

Feb 07

Chicken Wing Seasoning

No matter what flavor of chicken wing you enjoy, or the level of heat, this seasoning is a good “foundation” to start with. I am one that has a problem with cooking meat and not seasoning it. The end result of your dish is much more flavorful and delicious when seasoned properly. This recipe makes …

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Jun 21

Chili Powder

There are many recipes for chili powder and no need to buy yet another “spice”. I had never thought about it but chili powder is a combo of spices that I already had in my pantry. Some brands also add extras that are not a spice. Feel free to change out an ingredient or the …

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Oct 29

Homemade Ranch Seasoning

This is another seasoning I used to love to use, but haven’t for some time due to all the chemicals in the ingredients of the store-bought packets. This great option has a lot of ingredients you might already have in your pantry. The buttermilk powder was new to me, but now I am interested in …

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May 16

Seasoned Salt

Looking through my spice cabinet for seasoned salt I found an old bottle and decided to look at the ingredient list. Surprise, not all of the ingredients were spices, some where chemicals. Well, that was easy to fix. Tossed out that bottle and found a great combo of spices that were already in my cabinet …

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Nov 11

Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix

You probably already have the spices in your cabinet to make your own pumpkin pie spice. By making your own mix you can use the spices, like allspice and cloves, that typically just sit in your cabinet. This recipe makes 1 teaspoon, but is easily doubled or tripled to make 1 tablespoon or more. Enjoy! …

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Mar 06

Taco Seasoning Mix

You probably already have all the spices in your cabinet to make a taco mix instead of buying a premixed package. Once I thought about taco seasoning not being a spice and just a combo of what I already had, I saw no need to buy a mix again. The extra benefit to making your …

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